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Starting Pre-school

We know that the first and most important teacher your child has is you. We can only continue what you have begun.

We want you to go on feeling responsible for your child’s learning, so that in partnership, we can give your child the security and confidence they need to succeed and see themselves as achievers.

We are often asked by parents what they can do to prepare their child for pre-school. Pre-school will be able to continue and build upon the opportunities and experiences you have already shared with you child. To be happy and successful at pre-school your child needs to be socially and emotionally secure. It would be very helpful if you could encourage your child:

  • To be able to play happily and co-operatively with other children of a similar age
  • To talk with and show trust in other familiar adults
  • To listen and follow simple instructions
  • To ask lots of questions and be curious and alert
  • Practise dressing and undressing by themselves and to practise fastening buttons and zips
  • To use the toilet without assistance

Talk about pre-school at home. 

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