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Policies and Procedures

    PMP Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Procedures

    PMP Administering Medicines Policy

    PMP Admissions policy

    PMP Animals in the setting Policy

    PMP Attendance and Punctuality Policy

    PMP Capability and Performance Management

    PMP Complaints Policy

    PMP Confidentiality Policy

    PMP Emergency Closure Procedure

    PMP Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety Procedures

    PMP Equality of Opportunity Valuing Diversity and Promoting Equality and Inclusion 

    PMP First Aid, Accident and Incident Policy

    PMP Food and Drink Policy

    PMP Grievance Procedure

    PMP Health and Safety Policy

    PMP Induction of staff, volunteers and students Policy

    PMP Information Sharing - Privacy Policy 

    PMP Key Person System and Observation, Assessmnet and Planning

    PMP Looked After Child Policy

    PMP Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious 

    PMP Missing Child Policy

    PMP Nappy changing and Intimate care policy

    PMP No Smoking Policy

    PMP Online Safety and Social Networking Policy

    PMP Outdoors and Sun Safety Policy

    PMP Outings Policy

    PMP Parental Involvement Policy and Procedure

    PMP Prevent Duty Policy and British Values

    PMP Procedure for Managing Class Lists and Ratios

    PMP Procedures for Collection and Drop-off of Children (Including Uncollected Child)

    PMP Promoting Positive Behaviour

    PMP Record Keeping Procedure

    PMP Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Staff Policy

    PMP Risk Assessment


   PMP Risk Assessment Covid 19 

    PMP Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

    PMP Safeguarding Policy Statement

    PMP Staff Code of Conduct Policy

    PMP Staff Disciplinary Procedure

    PMP Staff Dress Code

    PMP Staff Sickness and Absence Policy

    PMP Staff Suitability and Disqualification Policy

    PMP Student Placement Policy

    PMP Supervision Policy

    PMP Supporting Children with Special Educational Needs

    PMP Training Policy

    PMP Transfer of Records to Primary School Procedure

    PMP Whistleblowing Policy

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